Caterers & Vendors

Caterers and Vendors


Please review these guidelines with the designated catering manager and staff before each event.

The Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology requires that all caterers adhere to function guidelines and present catering and liquor licenses. This is part of the contract between the college and renter. A Certificate of Insurance that includes a minimum general liability of $1,000,000 aggregate and each occurrence, and liquor liability coverage of $1,000,000 are required and must be filed with the Business Manager. Round tables, rectangular tables, high tops and chairs are available at the College. Arranging for rental equipment is the responsibility of the caterer. Rentals and deliveries should be made on the day of event and coordinated with the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology Director of Facilities. Tent placement must be approved by the BFIT Director of Facilities, Myftar Myrtaj.


Schedules and Time Frame

All events are schedules within a defined time period, usually eight hours, allowing a five hour event, a two hour set-up time, and a one-hour clean-up time.  Caterer is expected to adhere to the planned arrival and departure schedules and notify the BFIT when changes are necessary.

Liability Insurance and Licensing

A current certificate of insurance must be on file with BFIT, showing workmen’s compensation, a minimum general liability of $1,000,000 aggregate and each occurrence, and liquor liability coverage of $1,000,000. A copy of current catering license must be on file with BFIT as well as a Liquor license if alcohol is being served

Alcohol Service

All stipulations stated in the following BFIT Alcohol Policy must be strictly adhered to:

  • Persons serving alcohol must be covered by liquor liability insurance held by the caterer or bar service
  • Alcohol service must stop one-half hour before the end of the function. 
  • No guest will be served who is under 21 years of age or who cannot provide acceptable proof of legal age.
  • No guest will be served who appears intoxicated or nearly so.
  • Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology reserves the right to limit or suspend the service of alcohol where, in the opinion of the BFIT staff and the caterer, the comfort and safety of the guests is in jeopardy.

Day of Event

Upon arrival, the catering manager must report to BFIT event supervisor.  Also, please check-out with the BFIT event supervisor before leaving.  Caterer must be full service.  Caterer must provide their own staff for event set-up, service, break-down and clean-up.  Caterer must carry the required liquor liability insurance and provide the bartending.  When ceremonies are held onsite, the set-up must be completed and removed by the caterer. Deliveries must be made on the day of the event unless previously approved by the Director of Facilities.


BFIT is smoke free.


Candles are permitted if they are enclosed in glass. Only electric or sterno warmers are permitted.  No other table top devices are allowed.

Clean Up

The caterer is responsible for providing trash bags to remove all empty bottles and rubbish.  There is no dumpster on the premises.  All trash from the event must be taken by the caterer.

Plan Meeting

A final walk-through/plan meeting with the client, caterer and BFIT staff is suggested before each event.  This should be arranged with the Event Planner.