Rental Information

Rental Information

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Jamie Doerrbecker, Director of Event Services
Email: events@bfit.edu | Phone: 617-588-1304 


The Auditorium space is set with 350 chairs facing the stage. When using as a ballroom, up to 300 guests can be seated for dinner and 350-400 for standing receptions. There are additional fees for use of the college’s available tables and chairs (60” rounds, high tops, banquet style, chairs, podium and flags) at a cost of $5 per table and $2.50 per chair. If you need additional furnishings, please contact a party rental company of your choice. Ask us for our preferred caterer's list. There is a $75 set up fee for the Auditorium and/or Lobby; all furniture in the Lobby, with the exception of the large oak tables may be removed.
There is a $300 fee for professional security guard staffing. After 8 hours, there is an additional fee of $50 per hour. 



A certificate of liability insurance in the amount of $1 million, per occurrence, must be provided with deposit. A certificate of liability is required from renter and caterer. A one-day liquor license is also required if alcohol will be served.

Audio & Video Equipment

There will be a $75 set up fee for audio and video equipment. There is a $150 charge for the use of a projection and screen (10' x 14'). Should you need the services of an Audio Technician for the entire event, we would be happy to provide one at the rate of $275 per event.

Piano Rental

The college has a Yamaha Grand Avanti Piano for rent at the cost of $40 per hour. If you plan to rent, please note this on Function Intake Form.


To reserve, complete Function Intake Form.

Non-Profit Discounts

Non-profit organizations generally receive a 30% discount on the rental fee of the Auditorium and Lobby. 


Once the Function Intake Form has been received, an invoice will be generated that will include cost of space, applicable set up fees, discounts, and security costs. Should the event exceed the agreed upon contract ending time, you will be billed at the rate of $500/hr. 


For all rentals, a 50% deposit is due to secure the event date. A certificate of Insurance, catering and liquor licenses must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event.

Rental Balance is due 30 days before your event. Failure to pay rental balance will result in the cancellation of your event. If you cancel less than 30 days before your event, 25% of your total contracted amount will be retained. Your event and deposit may be transferred within 30 days of your scheduled date to another date if the facility is available.

Time/Frame and Set-up

A time period is defined specific to the event, but generally will last no longer than eight hours, including a two hour set up time and one hour clean up. The renter is responsible to provide the Director of Event Services with a floor plan and all necessary forms at least one week before the event. A meeting beforehand is recommended and may be arranged with the Director of Event Services. Contact events@bfit.edu or call 617-588-1304 with any questions.

Maintaining Property

Protection of the property of the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology is of utmost importance as the college is an educational facility that services approximately 500 students. The renter guarantees general cleanup. Specific instructions are included in Guidelines. The college provides an onsite member of its maintenance staff to help with maintenance services. If property damage is a result of your event, you will be billed for damages. Please do not use space that is not specified in the contract.


Candles are permitted if they are enclosed in glass (votive and hurricanes). Decorations (i.e. flowers, trellis, etc.) are acceptable; other decorations should be approved and if used must not cause structural damage. Floor Plans as well as electrical outlet information are available upon request.

Music and Dancing

Live music or DJ is allowed. Dancing and dance floors, if applicable, are allowed.