New Programs Announced

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology Announces New Degree Programs

Boston, MA – Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology is pleased to announce the approval of revised associate degree programs in Biomedical Engineering Technology and Building Technology & Design, as well as a new Bachelor of Science in Health Information Technology.

Biomedical Engineering Technology
In response to requests from students, graduates and employers, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology has renamed one of its well-established programs to Biomedical Engineering Technology. This associate degree program prepares graduates for job opportunities in the medical field maintaining equipment that is essential to health care and saving patients lives. Students gain hands-on experience through internships and classes held at world-class hospitals in the Boston area including Massachusetts General Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Boston, and Tufts Medical Center. The Biomedical Engineering Technology program is the only one of its kind in New England with internships and classes offered at hospitals.

Building Technology & Design
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology has long had a program on how buildings are designed and made, and has renamed its associate degree in this area to Building Technology & Design. This two-year degree program provides graduates with a foundation in architectural concepts and techniques, which they apply to understand how design interacts with the construction and use of buildings. At the core of the program are skills in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Computer Aided Design (CAD). Graduates of this program put their BIM and CAD knowledge to work for architectural firms, construction management companies, and facilities management operations. They are well qualified for a variety of technician-level jobs in the construction industry.

Health Information Technology
Electronic Health Records (EHR's) and other computerized systems of data acquisition and storage are improving quality and reducing cost of health care. In order to meet the evolving demand by health care organizations for employees skilled in building, deploying and maintaining these tools, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology has developed an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science program in Health Information Technology. The program blends learning on health care systems, databases, security & confidentiality, communication, and management to prepare graduates to implement electronic health records on desktop systems and other devices across networks and web services within hospitals and other patient care settings. Benjamin Franklin has strong industry connections with many of the major hospitals in the Boston area that will be hiring graduates of our programs.
Educational Success

These programs have grown out of the college’s system of direct connections to industry and employment opportunities. For the past three years, during a time of soaring youth unemployment, 90 percent of Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology graduates have been hired in their field of study or immediately continued their education toward earning a bachelor’s degree. Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology graduates students at twice the rate of two-year colleges nationally and three times that of those in Massachusetts.

For additional information about the new programs, please e-mail Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology’s Admissions Office at admissions@bfit.edu or call 617-588-1364.