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Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (BFIT) is one of New England’s oldest colleges of technology, started with a bequest from Benjamin Franklin, and a gift from Andrew Carnegie. Since 1908, the private non-profit college has offered an affordable college education for generations of people seeking rewarding careers in technology. BFIT programs are designed specifically for leading industries of today and of the future. We work closely with leading companies to create pipelines for training, jobs and internships during your education and upon graduation.

Our STEM degrees focus on training students to diagnose and solve problems, while becoming leaders in technology industries. As high-skilled technicians, they know how to make things work; as good citizens, they herald civic responsibility in their communities. Many of associate program graduates continue on to earn a bachelor’s degree here at BFIT or at another college or university. Along with a strong technical foundation, our majors incorporate general education courses to prepare students with team building, problem solving, and communication skills to succeed in today’s economy.

Please review our wide-range of Majors for either an Associate or Bachelor’s Degree, or Certificate.

Blair Brown - In Memorium

Blair Brown

The board of trustees, staff, and students of Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (BFIT) are saddened by the loss of Blair Brown, who served as Chairman of the Board at BFIT from 1997-2009.  During Blair’s tenure, he ensured that the college would not merely survive, but thrive. To this end, Blair dedicated all of his support and energy, skillfully navigating the institution through its toughest times to arrive at where we are today: a successful, growing organization that is cherished by local employers, educators, and students.

Did you know?

The Alliance for Science & Technology Research in America estimates that in the next few years Massachusetts will have 300,000 jobs available that will require STEM. Click here to learn why STEM Matters. 

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