Student Involvement and Leadership

Student Involvement and Leadership 

Student Involvement and Leadership Overview

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership (OSIL) is the key resource for identifying involvement opportunities on and off-campus. We encourage student engagement through co-curricular opportunities such as student organizations, leadership programs, civic engagement, and diversity programs.

  • Meet other students
  • Improve communication skills and learn about group dynamics
  • Gain practical experience in teamwork and creative problem solving
  • Complement the classroom experience with application of concepts and principles in real life situations
  • Develop relationships with faculty, staff, and the local community
  • Have fun!

Our Mission

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership provides an atmosphere that fosters campus community and lifelong learning through student engagement, community building, and leadership development.

Our Vision

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership strives to create innovative ways to develop its students through involvement in purposeful experiences. We will develop a comprehensive program that builds character, confidence and supports student learning which result’s in self-reliant and engaged citizens.

Our Core Values

Citizenship, Community, Leadership, and Service