Community Partners


Why partner with Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology?

  • Foster opportunities for future community volunteerism and leadership
  • Strengthen connections and collaborations with BFIT
  • Contribute to the development of the future workforce
  • Motivate students to link education and community
  • Promote economic stability and growth
  • Improve schools and youth outcomes
  • Gain new perspectives on program services
  • Build a responsive workforce
  • Create new community networks
  • Build public understanding and support

Characteristics of Effective Partnerships:

  • Joint exploration of goals and interests
  • Creation of a mutually rewarding agenda
  • Emphasis on positive consequences for each partner
  • Identification of opportunities for early successes
  • Focus on knowledge exchange, shared learning, and capacity-building
  • Attention to communication, cultivation of trust
  • Commitment to continuous assessment of the partnership itself, as well as outcomes

If you are interested in a community partnership with Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, please contact Rachel Arno for more information:

Rachel Arno
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology
41 Berkeley Street | Boston, MA 02116
T: 617.588.1354 | F: 617.426.1441