Student Conduct

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Code of Conduct

Students are expected to take responsibility for their decisions and to judge wisely their personal, social, and educational activities. The faculty and administration of the college expect that all students will contribute positively toward the enhancement of student life at BFIT. In the unlikely event that it becomes necessary, BFIT holds the right to notify the parents or guardians of financially dependent students (see 1954 Internal Revenue Code, Section 152), with regard to the health, academic, or disciplinary status of students. Specifics pertaining to these three areas are detailed in the BFIT Student Handbook.

Students who wish to have the members of the BFIT community discuss their academic record with outside persons must first sign the Family and Education FERPA release form. Students can visit any Student Affairs staff member to complete a FERPA release form.

Student Conduct System

All of the college's policies and codes of conduct can be found in the Student Handbook.  The conduct system is one based on education, rather than one based on punitive means. As a result, students involved in the conduct system are being found "responsible" or "not responsible," rather than "guilty" or "not guilty." The purpose of the process is to help students learn the value of their rights and to realize the importance of their responsibility as a student citizen of the campus community.

The conduct process is not a court of law; its proceedings pertain to the adjudication of alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct.

We understand that the conduct process can be confusing and overwhelming.  It is our desire that students are well informed of their rights under the system and that all students are treated with respect, dignity, and fairness. This section of our website is designed to clarify many of the questions students have about the conduct system here on campus.