Community Damage Charges and Payment

Any property damage that occurs as a result of student actions willresult in repayment by the student(s) involved. Once a student(s) hasbeen identified by the Residence Life staff or Hostel staff ashaving involvement they will be subject to a conduct meeting with theDirector of Student Life. Included in thesanctions will be monetary repayment for all damages. The student(s)will be billed by BFIT.

If responsibility for the damage cannot be accurately determined, theentire floor will be responsible for repayment of damages. The totalcost of damage and repair will be assessed by both the Hostelstaff and BFIT administration. The Director of Student Life worksproactively to maintain the safety and cleanliness of the residencehall, which means students may face community charges for constantdisregard for the maintenance of the living area.

Students wishing to appeal room damage charges must do so, inwriting, within 30 days of the charges being applied to the student’saccount. All appeals must be in writing and submitted to the Director of Student Life. Community damage charges that are applied to the wholefloor, or a group on the floor, are not able to be appealed.

Charges that are applied to a student's account can be paid in personat the Student Accounts office (in Enrollment Services) or online HERE. Make sure you use the "Housing Deposit" section.