Lunch Plan

Monthly Student Lunch Plan 2014-15

Billy’s Sub Shop and Rome Pizza offer BFIT students a monthly lunch program.

Fall Semester: Sunday, September 1, 2014 and ending Saturday, November 30, 2014

Spring Semester: Saturday, February 1, 2015 and ending Wednesday April 30, 2015

Details of the lunch plan are as follows:

Cost of Lunch Plan
 Type  Cost
 3-Day Plan
 5-Day Plan
 7-Day Plan
 *March 5-Day Plan
 *March 7-Day Plan

Payment will be made directly to the restaurant chosen. You may pay with cash, credit card or check.
Once payment is made your name will be placed on a list at that restaurant only.

  • Payments will be made by the 1st of each month (i.e. February 1, March 1, April 1)
  • Students who do not purchase lunch on a particular weekday will not receive any food or monetary compensation for a missed meal.
  • There will not be a prorated cost for anyone entering after the 1st of any month.
  • Students may discontinue the lunch plan at the end of each month and/or choose to begin at a new restaurant at the start of each month
  • Each student will be required to show picture identification (BFIT ID) when purchasing a meal.

The following meal options are available each day:

  • submarine sandwich and a select beverage (Coke and Pepsi products only)
  • select sandwiches, fries, and a select beverage (Coke and Pepsi products only) 
  • large salad or large soup and a select beverage (Coke and Pepsi products only)
  • burger, fries, and a select beverage (Coke and Pepsi products only)

Students choosing to purchase a meal or dinner plate that exceeds the cost of the meal plan ($6 per day) must pay the difference at the time of purchase.

All questions regarding the lunch plan should be directed to the following establishments:

  • Billy’s Sub Shop: 57 Berkeley Street Boston, MA 02116‎ Phone: 617.426.1822
  • Rome Pizza: 416 Tremont Street Boston, MA‎ 02116 Phone: 617.695.1640‎