Commuter Life

Commuter Life
Commuter Services provides resources and services for student’s living off-campus including social programs and transition for non-traditional students.

Whether you are a quick walk around the corner, or a long highway drive, you are certainly not alone! In fact, you are in the majority, accounting for roughly 88% of the students who attend Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology. While many commuters face different challenges daily, there are common concerns shared across the board, from balancing time between home and campus to being more involved in campus life.

Because Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology is conveniently located in the South End of Boston, there are multiple ways to get here. Explore our Transportation Page for information about public transportation and parking garages. Use our off-campus housing resources to learn about the historic and beautiful neighborhoods of Boston. Learn about the amazing restaurants at our doorstep and take advantage of everything the city has to offer.