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Making a Schedule

Making a Schedule

Registration Preparation

Meeting with your advisor:

It is very important to set up an appointment with your advisor well before the registration period begins.  You should give yourself plenty of time to think about the classes you need and take care of any outstanding holds so you are not held back from make a schedule. 

A Word of Caution: Do not rely on your peers to correctly explain academic policies or to remind you of deadlines; always talk with your advisor when you have questions about these topics.  Also, while other students may freely share with you which instructors and classes they liked and disliked, always view this kind of information cautiously.  Just because your friend did not like a specific course does not mean that you will not enjoy it.

Registering for Classes

When can I register and how do I do this?

Students should refer to the academic calendar for course registration dates.  Your advisor will work with you to register through the portal or using a paper form, which you bring to then bring to the Registrar.  A list of classes that will be offered are also available to view on the student portal.  

How will I know what classes to take?  What will my class schedule look like?

The course sequence for each program is outlined in the course catalog for each semester you are here.  If for some reason your plan needs to be changed, your advisor will help you determine the best course selection to keep you on track.

What does it meant to have a “hold” on my account?  How do I know if I have a hold, and if I do, how do I get it removed?

A hold on your account means you have an outstanding bill or task that BFIT needs you to complete;  you may need to hand in a form or you may have an outstanding bill that needs to be paid.  You should meet with your advisor to discuss your options and move forward from there.  To see if you have a hold, log into your student portal and try pulling up your transcript; if you have a “hold,” a message will appear explaining what the hold is for.  Again, meet with your advisor to determine your next steps.

What happens when a class I want is full?

When applicable, it is always good to have multiple choices for classes you want to take.  This is particular true when choosing electives.  Remember to be flexible and know that if you do not get to take something now, you may be able to take it in the future.

When the catalog says “pre-requisite,” what does that mean?

Some classes require you to have some basic knowledge level of the same or a related topic.  For example, MA 240 Calculus 1 has a pre-requisite of MA 130 Pre-Calculus.  This ensures you are fully prepared to do well in that course and that you have the basic foundation needed to succeed.

Beginning of the Semester

What can I expect the first day of classes?

BFIT hold a required check-in the first day of classes each semester.  That first day you will receive a copy of your course schedule in addition to taking care of any outstanding holds you may have on your account.  Even if you had previously printed a copy of your schedule, it is essential to pick up the printed copy available on check-in day; sometimes classroom locations and/or times may change slightly due to scheduling conflicts.  There are also various faculty and staff present at check-in to greet you and answer any questions you may have.  Once this is complete, you are ready for a great semester!