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Advising Expectations

Advising Expectations

What will my advisor expect of me?

Your advisor will expect you to:

  • Come to see him/her!  Make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to make an appointment to speak with your advisor when you have a question or a concern.

  • Be on time for appointments and call or e-mail ahead of time if you won’t’ be able to make your appointment.  Conduct yourself in a courteous and respectful manner.

  • Be prepared for your appointment.  Do your research first; become knowledgeable about policies, procedures, and deadlines.  Think about what you want to discuss; write down your questions so you won’t forget.

  • Be open to new ideas – now is the time to learn!

Building a strong relationship with your advisor is very important to your academic success. Your time at BFIT can be both exciting and sometimes confusing.  Your advisor is here to help clarify things for you as well as to share in your excitement as you begin your college career.

What can I expect from my advisor?

You can expect your advisor to:

  • Make time to see you.

  • Listen to your concerns and ideas in a respectful and caring manner.

  • Help you to define, develop, and achieve realistic educational and career goals.

  • Assist you with understanding academic policies, planning your academic schedule, and understanding graduation requirements.

  • Help you learn about other important and useful resources at BFIT.