Social Networking and Online Responsibility Policy - Benjamin Franklin Institute Of Technology

Social Networking and Online Responsibility Policy

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology understands the popularity and usefulness of social networking sites and supports their use by students provided that:

  • No offensive or inappropriate pictures are posted;
  • No offensive or inappropriate comments are posted;
  • Any information placed on the website(s) does not violate college, student athlete, or the student code of conduct;
  • Photos and/or comments posted on these sites do not depict team-related or college-identifiable activities (including wearing/using team uniforms or gear inappropriately).

Students must remember that they are representatives of Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology and are in the public eye more so than other students. Please keep the following in mind as you participate on social networking websites:

  • Before participating in any online community, understand that anything posted online may be available to anyone in the world. Any text or photo placed online may become the property of the site(s) and may be completely out of your control the moment it is placed online - even if you limit access to your site.
  • You should not post any information, photos or other items online that could embarrass you, your family, your student club or organization, your team, or athletics at Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology. This includes information that may be posted by others on your page.
  • Never post your home address, local address phone number(s), birth date or other personal information. You could be a target of predators.
  • Student Affairs administrators may monitor these web sites.
  • Student-athletes could face discipline and even dismissal for violations of team, department, college and/or NJCAA policies.

Law enforcement agencies may monitor these websites regularly as many potential employers and internship supervisors as a way of screening applicants. In addition, many college programs and scholarship committees also search these sites to screen candidates. BFIT student athletes and student leaders should be very careful when using online social networking sites and keep in mind that sanctions may be imposed, including the loss of your eligibility teams or organizations, if these sites are used improperly or depict inappropriate, embarrassing or dangerous behaviors.