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Missing Student Policy

The Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology takes student health and safety seriously and considers it with upmost importance. The staff of BFIT will make all efforts to communicate with appropriate persons in a timely manner regarding a student’s health and safety. The following policy and procedure has been placed into effect to support any student living in BFIT housing, who based on facts and circumstances known to the College, are determined to be missing.

The enacted policy is in accordance with Section 485 of the Higher Education Act (HEA), which states that every institution of higher education that provides on-campus housing must provide a missing student notification policy for those students residing in on-campus housing.

Reporting a suspected missing student
Anyone who suspects a student to be missing should report their concern to the Residence Life staff or designated Student Affairs professionals (as noted below). All reports made to the College will be followed up with an immediate investigation once a student has been missing for 24 hours. Depending on the circumstances presented to College officials, parents of a missing student will be notified. In the event that parental notification is necessary, the Dean of Students or designee will place the call.

A suspected missing person should be reported to any of the following staff members:

  • Dean of Students, 617-588-1343 (daytime)
  • Assistant Dean of Students, 617-588-1336 (daytime)
  • Assistant Director of Student Life, 617-315-5843 (evenings, overnight)
  • BFIT Security Officers, 617-588-1355 (daytime, evenings)

The following information will be collected and documented when it is reported to a staff member:

  • Name and directory information of suspected missing person
  • Name and relationship of person reporting the suspected missing person
  • Contact information (cell phone, email, address) of the person reporting
  • Date, time, location the suspected missing person was last seen
  • Any known extracurricular, off-campus visits (friends, family) or work commitments of the suspected missing person
  • Cell phone number of the suspected missing person

Determining a missing student
Once a student has been reported as missing, staff members may participate in any or all of the following procedures to make contact with the suspected missing student:

  • Administratively key into the student’s residence hall room (refer to keying in policy)
  • Call and text the student’s cell phone (or other numbers posted in CAMS)
  • Check other possible public locations (library, off-campus gym, student lounge, etc)
  • Contact student’s roommate (if applicable) and floor-mates to create a timeline of the last known whereabouts of the missing student (date, time, location, activities).
  • Contact student’s faculty members
  • Contact student’s emergency contact
  • Contact any off-campus friends
  • Check any social media websites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)

Involving local law enforcement agencies
Once all information has been collected regarding the suspected missing student and a timely and appropriate investigation has taken place by College officials, the Dean of Students and/or designee will make contact with the Boston Police Department. Once the information is reported to the Boston Police Department, the Dean of Students will continue to act as the spokesperson to the family and concerned reporter regarding the missing student.

Residence Life, Student Affairs, and Security will assist any local law enforcement agencies with the investigation upon request by providing all necessary and appropriate information on the student and by using any of the procedures and the resources listed above to assist in the investigation that are legally permissible.

Missing Student Reporting Form (DOCX 19.8KB)