Fire Safety Policy - Benjamin Franklin Institute Of Technology

Fire Safety Policy

I case of fire in the building, the nearest school fire alarm box will be sounded immediately and the Director of Security notified as to the location of the fire. Fire alarm boxes are located in the center corridor on each floor and in the auditorium, near the side door in the main building and in the stairway landings in the Dunham Building.

Instructors, upon hearing the alarm, will immediately lead their classes into the hallway, down the nearest stairway, and out into the street; making sure that all students have left that floor. Instructors not in class will help to guide students out of the building by the safest possible route.

Students will follow the directions of faculty and staff and leave the building quickly and orderly. All students using the Berkeley Street or Tremont Street exits will turn left and move to the end of the block; students using the alley exits will head to Tremont Street. Students should remain on the sidewalk, away from the building, until notified.

Students shall not tamper with any of the college’s fire fighting apparatus or fire reporting devices. Failure to comply with this regulation may result in suspension or expulsion from BFIT.