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Programs and Services

ID Cards

Campus Safety issues BFIT ID cards to all incoming students and employees. Students must carry ID cards at all times and present them upon the request of a BFIT official. ID cards are property of the College. ID cards are not transferable.

All students, faculty, and staff may obtain ID cards at the College Store. To verify their status, students must present a copy of their registration and valid picture ID. Part-time faculty members must present a current contract and a valid picture ID. There is no charge for ID cards. The replacement fee for student IDs is $5. ID cards are available Monday through Friday, 12- 1PM, or by calling Campus Security at 617-588-1355.

Lost and Found

Campus Security manages the lost and found services on campus. All lost items will be held for 30 days at which time they will be destroyed or donated to a charitable organization. Bicycles will be held for at least 90 days. All BFIT ID Cards should be turned into Campus Security. Anyone claiming property with must show valid BFIT ID or Drivers License/Non-Drivers Identification.


Campus Security Officers maintain a visible presence by continually patrolling the campus. This is done to ensure the safety of the community and aims to seek out unsafe conditions, prevent unauthorized access, and prevent theft and vandalism.


Campus Security has a robust and advanced camera system throughout the campus. These high quality cameras capture live events and record them in case later review is needed. Campus Security uses this tool for both internal investigations as well as assisting with external agencies.