How to Report a Crime - Benjamin Franklin Institute Of Technology

How to Report a Crime

The Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology and Campus Security strongly encourages any victim of or a witness to a crime occurring on or near the College—regardless of its nature—to report the incident immediately to Campus Security to ensure that prompt and appropriate action can be taken.

Crimes occurring off campus should be reported to the local law enforcement agency having proper jurisdiction. If you are unsure of the proper jurisdiction, contact Campus Security and they will assist you in contacting the proper agency.

Campus Security Phone Number - 617-588-1355

To report a crime, dial x9 from any on-campus telephone, or 617-588-1355 from an off-campus telephone or a personal cell phone.

What to report:

  • Your exact location
  • Your name and contact information (you may report confidentially, contact information is only if additional information is needed from you)
  • Nature of the incident (what is happening?)
  • Detailed description of the persons involved
    • Gender, race, age
    • Height, weight
    • Clothing, hat, accessories
    • Facial hair, eyewear
    • Other identifying features
  • Detailed description of a vehicle involved
    • Make, model, and color
    • License plate number or state
    • Other identifying features

If you are off-campus or out of the jurisdiction of BFIT Campus Security, please contact 911 immediately