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Campus Activities

Student Involvement and Leadership 

Campus Activities Office


The Campus Activities Office is the central location for student organizations and student events at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology. With a commitment to leadership and holistic student development, we strive to engage our students in a formative and social environment that compliments students’ academic experience; while preparing them for leadership in their careers. Through our commitment to leadership, team work, and civic engagement the Campus Activities Office looks to develop skills that our students can utilize long after graduation.


The primary focus of the Campus Activities Office is to engage students in developing their personal leadership skills as well as to facilitate the development of a welcoming community at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology. The Campus Activities Office promotes student growth by focusing on three key areas.

  1. Student Run Clubs and Organizations,
  2. Leadership Education and Development,
  3. Co-Curricular programming



Our Core Values

Community, Leadership, and Service