Advising at BFIT is coordinated out of the Department of Student Affairs by the Director of Advising.  Upon arrival, each student is assigned a First Year Advisor who will support the academic career of the student from the transition to college through their first year at BFIT.  All second year students with a 3.0 GPA or higher will be supported by the Office of Advising.  Second year students with a GPA below 3.0 will stay with their first year advisor.

Advising is the active process between a student and advisor to continually work towards, create, and establish a successful academic career.  While advising meetings may initially be geared towards creating and finalizing academic schedules, advising is also an experience full of many goals and outcomes.  Students are able to connect with another College member and gain skills and knowledge that are transferable to careers, campus involvement, personal growth, and more.  Advising is a process of growth and development and an integral part of a successful college experience.

At BFIT our advising program offers students support through assessment of strengths and challenges, review of academic progress, help with registration for future semesters, and suggestions for career preparation and success.  Student having difficulty either personally or academically are encouraged to meet with their advisor to identify problem areas, clarify educational and personal goals, resolve difficulties and obtain referrals to other services.


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