Department Faculty - Mechanical Engineering Technology

Joanna Dowling

Professor Joanna Dowling, Chair, started at BFIT in August 2015 as Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Technology department. Concurrently, she is President and Director of the Custom Group Center for Manufacturing Technology, having previously served as Director of Operations for Custom Group, Inc. She is co-chair of the Workforce Development Committee of the Advanced Manufacturing Collaborative and also a board member of Boston Tooling and Machining Education and the MA Association of Private Career Schools. Dowling was appointed to the Executive Committee of the MA Workforce Board Association and is involved in statewide initiatives designed to promote the advanced manufacturing industry to help ensure a strong workforce pipeline. She also coaches local youth soccer teams and participates in women's soccer leagues. Dowling holds a BA from Merrimack College.
Phone: 617-588-1291
Office: Kendall, 4th Floor

David Post

Professor David L. Post is a Registered Professional Engineer in Massachusetts, a life member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a member of the American Society of Engineering Education and has multiple degrees in Mechanical Engineering. In addition, Professor Post holds a patent for a cryogenic insulation system.

Professor Post has worked for global corporations such as Itek, General Dynamics, and Stone & Webster Engineering. He has worked on well known NASA projects such as Apollo, Viking, Photoheliograph, Large Space Telescope and the Space Shuttle. He has assisted in the design and construction of safety systems for many U.S. commercial nuclear power plants, nuclear submarine systems for the United States Navy and cryogenic systems for ships carrying liquefied natural gas. Professor Post was a U.S. Olympic Official in the sport of Track & Field at the Atlanta Olympic Games and has several published papers dealing with the flight dynamics of the throwing implements used in Track & Field.
Phone: 617-588-1366
Office: Union Building, Room 403

Roy Garber

Roy A. Garber, Instructor. Professor Garber earned his B.S. from Saint Cloud University in Minnesota before moving into a thirty-year career in the manufacturing industry. At Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology Mr. Garber brings his many years of industry experience into the classroom. He believes the fundamental technical knowledge and hands-on skills gained in this major are readily applied to any high-tech machine environment. His areas of interest are in Advanced Manufacturing and CNC Machining, Manufacturing Processes, and Electricity and Electronics for Mechanical Engineering Technologists.
Phone: 617-588-1332
Office: Union Building, Room 404 

Eva Palomera-Arias, Lecturer