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Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineers have really interesting jobs; they can work on designing the electronics of airplanes and cars; they can perform research on finding ways for computers to recognize speech and images; they can work to upgrade the country's aging power grid, incorporate smart grid and sustainable technologies, and fill the demand for more electric power engineers.

What will you learn?

  • Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
  • Emphasis on Electric Power
  • Computer Engineering courses such as C++ and Embedded Systems

Job Outlook

The power and energy industry may experience as much as a 50% turnover in engineers, and needs electrical engineers to maintain and upgrade the nation's power grid.

• Average Electrical Engineering salary in MA is $108,000
• Massachusetts is one of the top employers of electrical engineers in the nation

Career Paths

• Design Engineers
• Test Engineers
• Field Engineers
• Research Engineers
• Patent Lawyers


Fall 2017:  12 students

Fall 2018: 30 students

Graduation Rates

We expect the first student to graduate in August 2019.