Lorenzo Harper ‛18 - Benjamin Franklin Institute Of Technology

Lorenzo Harper ‛18

Construction Management

“BFIT is that pathway, that bridge, that connection.”

“Coming here opened doors… [it showed me how] to help not only myself but to help others…In this industry you have to collaborate.

Lorenzo saw his brother earn enough money to support his family and purchase a new house within a few years of graduating from his Electrical Technology program at Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology.

Lorenzo wanted the same opportunities and saw how BFIT could help him achieve his financial goals while to giving him to tools to follow his passion to become a construction superintendent. 

Lorenzo was always helping his mother around the house. A single mother, she brought her two sons to Massachusetts from Saint Kitts. After settling in his new home of Dorchester, Lorenzo quickly found himself fascinated with all of the construction sites and new developments being built in the greater Boston area. He wanted to be part of the action behind the fences and help create Boston’s future. 

Lorenzo’s internship program through BFIT’s partnership with The Compliance Mentor Group placed Lorenzo in the field. He was able to experience commercial and residential construction sites as well as rotate through a number of different positions, and shadow construction managers to help him discover the best fit for him on site. The Career Success Seminar course at BFIT taught Lorenzo how to conduct himself in a professional manner, use LinkedIn, and network with potential employers. Lorenzo credits the one-on-one time professors provide as well as the open-door policy of the Career Center as essential resources that have continued to help him excel in his courses. Through it all, Lorenzo gained the confidence to stop at construction worksites during his commute and ask superintendents for a tour. Lorenzo is now confident in his skills and is excited about his employability after graduation this spring. 

Lorenzo has developed tight relationships with construction companies across the city due to the skills he has developed at BFIT. Most recently he has spoken with BFIT Trustee Ryan Hutchins, SVP at Gilbane Construction, one of the largest developers in Massachusetts. No matter what company Lorenzo chooses upon graduation, he plans to remain involved in BFIT to serve as a role model for other students like his brother did for him.