Production Assistant: Robotic Manufacturing Systems - Artaic, LLC - Benjamin Franklin Institute Of Technology

Production Assistant: Robotic Manufacturing Systems - Artaic, LLC

Ref No:19590959-2148-2482
Published Date:02 Jan 2019

Company Profile:

Artaic is a unique design and manufacturing firm based in Boston’s Innovation District. Artaic produces “mass customized” tile mosaics for a wide variety of applications, primarily within the commercial hospitality architecture and interior design industry. Artaic is inventing and applying a proprietary, partially automated system of front-end design software linked to back-end inventory management and robotic fabrication. This system allows for revolutionary efficiency in mosaic production. Artaic is a dynamic growth stage company with a demonstrated commitment to supporting new design, engineering, and business ideas while promoting an entrepreneurial culture that fosters and rewards initiative, innovation, and creativity.

Description of Duties:

Artaic is seeking a reliable and diligent Production Assistant to help the company keep up with rapidly growing production demand. The Production Assistant is responsible for various roles within Artaic’s proprietary mosaic assembly systems to create square-foot sections of our mosaic product contributing to the creation of large-scale, commercial mosaic artwork. This includes operating tile inspection machinery for quality control and sorting, operating robotic manufacturing machinery to lay out the tile according to the custom-designed mosaic pattern, assembling sample materials, and other work tasks. The Production Assistant will actively participate in Cross Functional Training while serving as a valuable resource for Continuous Improvement of our processes to achieve greater efficiency and lower costs. Cross Functional Training and advancement across all aspects of Artaic’s production and logistics processes is available and encouraged. Overview & Responsibilities: - Operation of mosaic tile assembly robots. - Operation of tile inspection stations, with automatic and manual quality control. - General maintenance/upkeep of the manufacturing space. - Ability to learn quality control standards and perform checks throughout the production process. - Consistently arrive on time for designated shift.

Required Qualifications:

- Demonstrated interest and capability in manual craft fabrication work. - Comfortable in a fast paced, technology driven production environment. - Ability to communicate effectively and work well with others. - Interest in continuous improvement methods to aid in production efficiencies. - Ability to troubleshoot and problem solve on the fly. - Ability to hit production goals on a per shift basis. - Attention to artistic and technical detail. - Positive attitude.

How to Apply Guideline:

  • Special Instructions:

Please send a cover letter describing what you can offer Artaic, and a resume/CV to with the subject line: "Production Assistant."

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