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Mobile Automotive Technician - GO-ROLL-IN

Ref No:19151615-2148-2643
Published Date:02 May 2019

Company Profile:

When GO-ROLL-IN was established, we set out to provide the finest auto servicing in the world. We stay at the forefront of the latest technology while retaining our knowledge of older classic cars. Whether your vehicle is old or new, we have the finest technicians  standing by to fix any problem you may have. We understand how important your car is to you. We’ve built an unparalleled foundation of knowledge through state of the art technology. It is our standard for each technician to provide world class customer service.  Our craft is our pride!

Description of Duties:

Mobile Automotive Technician Duties and Responsibilities * Examine cars based on customer requests and/or concerns * Perform basic maintenance including rotating tires, checking fluid levels, and changing oil * Repair or replace worn parts and systems such as spark plugs, wheel bearings, brake pads, fuel systems, and sensors * Test systems and individual parts to ensure proper working order and/or to evaluate degree of damage * Follow checklists to ensure thorough examination of all parts and systems * Identify mechanical and electrical problems with both computerized diagnostic equipment and the naked eye * Determine appropriate repair measures based on research, peer-to-peer examination, and past experience * Present estimates to customers including: strategy for repair to customers including explanation of problems, procedure steps * Perform repairs thoroughly and accurately, taking into account original repair strategy and customer specifications * Ensure customer satisfactions at all times

Required Qualifications:

Mobile Automotive Technician Requirements and Qualifications * ASE certification required * High School diploma or equivalent prefered * Completion of a postsecondary program in automotive service technology a plus * Experience with electronic systems maintenance and repair preferred * Experience in engine performance preferred * Basic computer skills required * Certification in a related field from a vocational school a plus * Strong verbal communication skills (will be expected to relay auto repair information to customers and other mechanics) * Detail oriented and thorough, organized * Critical thinking skills * Troubleshooting skills * Mechanically and analytically minded * Physical strength and stamina, and ability to lift 50 lbs. unassisted

How to Apply Guideline:

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