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Independent contractor - PartRunner

Ref No:18140914-2148-2144
Published Date:16 Mar 2018

Company Profile:

PartRunner is a part-delivery service for home service technicians. We have a unified inventory that brings parts together from different sources.

Description of Duties:

Pick up Orders at different Supply Houses and deliver to customers in the Boston area (at most 18 miles away from city center). Two Types of Deliveries (On-Demand & Scheduled). 1) On-Demand: Driver gets paid base compensation of available hours for on-demand and, 2) Scheduled (Either 2 Hours or 4 Hours): Paid only hours compiling orders and doing deliveries. Our App will guide you via GPS on your next deliveries Will be using phone talking to customers/supply houses if needed. Be responsible & on-time. The first month will have a check in meeting once a week on general updates and feedback. For more information please contact via email listed below.

Required Qualifications:

Valid driver’s license SUV/Truck/Cargo Van/Box Truck (2-16ft Clearance) Smartphone with Internet Can carry items small to Large size (Up to 80lb) Example: (10ft Pipe, 50lb Water Heater, Fittings, Valves, Vents, etc) Great Customer Service Skills and Organization Skills Standard Background Check Provide driving record 1+ year(s) driving experience

How to Apply Guideline:

  • Please send resume to:

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