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HVAC Technician - Perkins School for the Blind

Ref No:19211321-2148-2545
Published Date:05 Mar 2019

Company Profile:

Perkins School for the Blind, located near Boston, was the first school for the blind chartered in the United States in 1829. For over 180 years, the staff at Perkins have been providing quality services to students and clients who are blind, visually impaired, deafblind and multi-impaired. Perkins School for the Blind embraces diversity in ability, thought, culture and belief. We provide equal education and employment opportunities and value the unique talents and contributions of all of our students and staff.

Description of Duties:

Responsible for assisting the Senior HVAC and Maintenance Technician in the overall operation and preventative maintenance of campus and residential heating and cooling systems including working with the integrated energy management system. Also responsible for assisting in the proper functioning, response and monitoring of the campus-wide fire alarm system. Assist in overseeing the operation of automatically fired gas and oil steam generating boilers that supply heat for buildings. In addition, responsible for assisting in the operation of cooling systems in all buildings and individual rooms. Responsible for the daily operation and scheduled or unscheduled maintenance of the HVAC systems, equipment, motors, and related equipment. Assist in managing and monitoring the School’s integrated energy management system and coordinate with outside vendors on its expansion, adjustments and proper operation. Responsible for completing all preventative maintenance tasks and adjustments of related equipment. Work with Senior HVAC and Maintenance Technician to develop and implement preventative maintenance programs for equipment belt replacements, filter replacements, lubrication, inspections and operational testing. Assist in the coordination and supervision of outside vendors engaged in the operation and maintenance of refrigeration, power, heating and cooling throughout the campus, including requisition supplies, replacement parts and equipment as needed. Responsible for the proper adjustments of gauges and meters and the recording of temperatures, hours of operation, fuel consumption, water testing, analysis of flue gases and other data as well as insuring that correct fluid levels are maintained for the safe operation of all equipment. Inspects, test and services fire alarms; smoke and heat detectors and assist with installation, testing, repairs and other services by outside vendors. Handles service requests through work order management system related to overall responsibilities. Perform basic plumbing repairs and maintenance as necessary; toilet repair /replacement, faucet replacement, leak repairs, drainage issues and pipe repairs etc. Perform minor carpentry and painting duties as needed. Provide emergency on-call coverage when not regularly scheduled to work. Perform other related duties and tasks as assigned.

Required Qualifications:

3 to 6 years’ experience working with HVAC, fire alarm and/or related systems. Direct experience with air handlers, fans, duct work, chillers, cooling towers, direct expansion refrigeration machines, boilers, pumps, condensation systems, water heaters, steam radiators, valves and fire alarm panels. Familiarity with computer-based energy management systems.

How to Apply Guideline:

  • Please send resume to:

Please send resumes to: recruiter@perkins.org

Equal Opportunity Notification We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Students and alumni will be accepted and assigned to job opportunities and otherwise treated without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability, as well as other classifications protected by applicable state or local laws.