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Construction Site Photographer (360 Degree Camera) - OnSiteIQ

Ref No:18501450-2148-2471
Published Date:13 Dec 2018

Company Profile:

OnSiteIQ is a next-generation construction documentation and risk assessment platform that leverages machine intelligence and computer vision to automatically map 360-degree walkthrough videos and images to construction plans. We provide seamless, remote progress, quality, and safety audit capability to construction stakeholders. Construction teams that leverage the OnSiteIQ platform and service gain new levels of visibility with their projects.

Description of Duties:

The Role: Walking through the construction site with 360-degree cameras. Capture large amounts of visual data working with our in-the-field app and floor plans Direct access to our product team for product + quality system development

Required Qualifications:

Qualifications and Skills: - Previous experience on construction sites - Ability to read and understand blueprints OR blueprint reading class required after hire - Meticulous attention to detail - Critical Thinker - Quick Learner - Problem Solver - Patience

How to Apply Guideline:

  • Please send resume to:

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