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ASE or L1 (Advanced Engine Performance) Technicians - Applus Technologies, Inc.


Ref No:18350935-2148-2068
Published Date:11 Jan 2018

Company Profile:

We seek professional, resourceful individuals who share our vision for customer focus, integrity and commitment to continuous improvement. Applus is a leader in the vehicle services market, known for providing high quality, end-to-end integrated solutions for government and corporate partners and customers. Initially, Applus’ philosophy was to outsource technology while capitalizing on our expertise in assisting clients in managing all of the components of their Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) programs. However, after successful implementations and relationships in the I/M jurisdictions of Georgia, Washington, Utah, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut, Applus realized the need to provide our clients with state-of-the-art testing technology without having to rely on the hardware and software alternatives available in the marketplace. Thereafter, Applus began an aggressive strategy to provide its customers with a full service offering. This strategy included the 2006 acquisition of AutoLogic, a well-established, industry leader in the design and production of advanced vehicle emissions testing and aftermarket diagnostic equipment and software solutions. This strategy also included strengthening software solutions and the development of tools ancillary to the provision of I/M services, such as registration renewals, driver road skills and knowledge testing. Today, Applus is recognized as a global, environmentally-focused, full-service, end-to-end, custom information technology and program management solutions provider.

Description of Duties:

Applus Technologies, a leader in the vehicle testing industry, is seeking experienced ASE or L1 (Advanced Engine Performance) Technicians to work in our Motorist Assistance Centers located throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and provide assistance to Motorists, Inspection Stations and Registered Repair Station personnel. In these roles, you will: • Evaluate vehicles with anomalies referred to Motorist Assistance Centers by testing stations. • Evaluate hardship extension and waiver requests. • Visually inspect vehicles presented for repair waivers to determine whether the repair work has been made. • Respond to test interruption and hotline calls. • Assist Registered Repair Stations diagnosing vehicles that have problems with emissions. • Maintain and coordinate the vehicles used for auditing. • Provide training to inspectors. • Perform Station evaluations and maintain the emissions equipment.

Required Qualifications:

We require ASE Certified L1 (Advanced Engine Performance) Technician certifications along with at least two years of Automotive Service work experience.  All positions will be required to work scheduled Saturday hours and at least one evening every other week. Qualified candidates must also be able to effectively communicate, both verbally and in writing and make decisions in a fast paced environment. The position is required to work some evenings and some weekends along with weekdays.  

How to Apply Guideline:

  • Please apply online at:

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