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Electrician / HVAC Tech - HomeWiz

Ref No:18480848-2148-2070
Published Date:12 Jan 2018

Company Profile:

A Full-Service Company Since 1990 We’re HomeWiz, and we’ve been a family owned and operated business serving the Greater Boston Area since 1990. Fully certified, licensed, and ensured, our HomeWiz electrical and HVAC technicians are ready to solve home service dilemmas — from standard issues such as power outages and annual tune-ups to more modern obstacles such as home automation and smart technology installations. We provide same-day service, up-front pricing, and a team of expert technicians.

Description of Duties:

YOU’LL WORK FOR A TRUSTWORTHY COMPANY. As an employee a HomeWiz, you’ll work for a family-run business with your best interests in mind. We understand that every employee is different and every employee has different skills and area that need improvement. Here at HomeWiz we pride ourselves on creating a work environment that breeds peace of mind. We train our employees so that we can stand behind their actions out in the field. YOU’LL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO GROW. When you’re an essential part of our team, we want to see you grow and excel. That’s why we offer unlimited technical training for as well as a week of sales training. There’s room for internal growth and the potential opportunity to become a manager if you excel as a technician. We’re currently rebuilding our company, and you’d have the chance to grow with us. YOU’LL HAVE A STIMULATING WORK ENVIRONMENT. Every day on the field is an exciting experience; it’s never monotonous. One moment you could be selling a product to customers; the next you could be installing a condenser. You never know what each day could bring and the challenge is always stimulating.

Required Qualifications:


How to Apply Guideline:

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Equal Opportunity Notification We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Students and alumni will be accepted and assigned to job opportunities and otherwise treated without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability, as well as other classifications protected by applicable state or local laws.