Career Services


The Department of Career Services and Industry Partnerships (DCSIP) has the dual mission of providing students and graduates with the tools necessary to start and advance in their careers while building and maintaining close ties with industry. By fostering relationships with
industry partners, DCSIP helps to ensure that our programs remain relevant to workforce needs and that we can identify and secure employment opportunities for our students.

As a job-centric college, our mission is to assist students in finding employment in fields related to their major areas of study or continuing on to advanced studies. We consider our positive placement outcomes the cornerstone of the College’s success.

The Office of Career Services is committed to offering BFIT students and alumni ongoing support and assistance with their career exploration, job search preparation, and workplace readiness.

Contact Information:

Department of Career Services & Industry Partnerships
41 Berkeley Street
Union Building, 1st Floor


Phyllis Molta, Director of Career Services & Industry Partnerships.
Phyllis has extensive experience working in the non-profit sector providing career services, educational initiatives, and scholarship oversight. Prior to her work in non-profit, Phyllis worked as a recruiter and Human Resources manager. She holds a BA from UMass Amherst in Psychology, continued studies in Guidance and Counseling at Rider University, and a Graduate Certificate from Bentley in HR Management. She is member of the Boston Chamber of Commerce Workforce Development Committee.
617-588-1347 | pmolta@bfit.edu
Office: Union Building, 1st Floor


Jack Harari, Associate Director of Career Services and Industry Partnerships.
Jack provides students and recent graduates with the tools necessary to enter the workplace with many advantages. His focus is establishing and maintaining relationships with industry partners to obtain internship and employment opportunities for college students and graduates. Jack is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and holds a Master's Degree in Social Work and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. He is a member of the Career Counselors Consortium, Boston Chamber of Commerce and Commonwealth Workforce Coalition. Jack joined Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology in 2011.
617-588-1379 | jharari@bfit.edu
Office: Union Building, 1st Floor

Emily LeFevre, Student Employment Specialist. Emily helps students find employment that will prepare them to be successful in their field of study. She provides students and recent graduates with the tools necessary to find, secure, and be successful in entry-level jobs that will help them gain relevant and meaningful experience in the workplace. Her focus is establishing and maintaining relationships with industry partners to obtain part-time employment and internship placement for current college students as a pipeline for full-time employment. Prior to joining BFIT, she directed a career development program for Boston Public School seniors. She is experienced in career readiness curriculum development and training, internship placement, and student advising. Emily holds a B.A. in History from the University of Virginia.
Contact: 617-588-1338 | elefevre@bfit.edu Office: Union Building, 1st Floor