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Veteran Spotlight: Meet Jhony Martinez

Jhony Martinez

Q. Where is your hometown?
A. I was born in New York and raised in Washington DC.

Q. Which branch of the military did you serve in, and what was your role?
A. U.S. Marines Corps. Served 4 years in active duty and did two tours to Afghanistan. As an infantry rifleman and point person, I served as the eyes and ears for my squad.

Q. Which major did you choose and why?
A. I'm in the Bachelor’s Degree in Automotive Management program. I was doing auto body before I joined the Marine Corps. Always enjoyed working on cars. I've always been enticed to go this route.

Q. How did you hear about BFIT?
A. I was actually going to another college for an associate degree in automotive. Then, I heard about the bachelor's degree in automotive from a current BFIT student. He is a good friend of mine and a veteran who served with me in the Marine Corps. 

Q. How would you describe BFIT's approach to education?
A. Here, it’s not just about books – it’s a very hands-on college education. I was definitely seeking something hands-on and well-rounded. The bachelor’s degree includes the academic side, and is helping me to build my communication skills. The military prepared me to be a leader. This program is also teaching me to be a leader. Communication is definitely key here. I like that everybody is involved. Here, you are communicating with your advisors, teachers, and even the president. It definitely feels like a home. You don't feel like a stranger here.

Q. What are your career goals?
A. I see myself as a district manager that oversees business operations, trains people and leads teams. Perhaps for a dealership or an automotive parts company where I can oversee sales and marketing.

Q. Is BFIT a good fit for veterans?
A. The fact that the school is in Boston definitely helps financially because you get a high cost of living allowance. Here, it gave me more of an opportunity to save more money for my future.

Q. Are you currently working in your field?
A. BFIT helped me get a job at NTB. My manager really liked that I'm a veteran and a college student.  At NTB, I started doing oil changes, but got promoted as a Service Advisor, and getting management experience.