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If you’re a high school student interested in a career-focused technical education, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology has two programs that can help you get a head start on preparing for college, and save you time and money when it comes to earning your degree.

Our Advance Standing Associates Program is for juniors and seniors who want to start earning a BFIT associates degree while they are still in high school. Accepted students receive a year of free tuition, fees, and books, and are admitted as sophomores to a BFIT associates degree program after graduating from high school. As a result, they earn their degree just one year after their diploma, and complete their first year of coursework for free.

Our Early Access to College program lets high school juniors and seniors to take BFIT courses for college or high school credit. Students receive free tuition, fees, and books. All Boston Public Schools students are eligible for dual enrollment credits, and all credits may be transferred into a BFIT degree program or to another college. 

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Advanced Standing Associates Program: A Fast Track to a BFIT Associates Degree

Early Access to College: Earn High School or College Credit Taking Courses at BFIT

Free tuition, fees, and textbooks (a $17,000 value)

Free tuition, fees, and textbooks

Courses that fit your high school schedule (including afternoons and summers)

Courses that fit your high school schedule (including afternoons and summers)

Admission as a sophomore into a BFIT associates program

Choose from a wide range of college-level technical and general education courses

All high school students are eligible to earn an associates degree in half the time for half the price.

All Boston Public Schools students are eligible. Credits you earn can be applied to your high school diploma or a BFIT degree (*check with your high school and our list of partner schools for dual enrollment availability)

The BFIT Experience: success coaching, financial aid counseling, small classes, hands-on technical coursework, industry leading career placement services, and a school graduation rate three times higher than community colleges

The BFIT Experience: success coaching, financial aid counseling, small classes, hands-on technical coursework, industry leading career placement services, and a school graduation rate three times higher than community colleges


EAC or ASAP: Which Program is Right for Me?

Our Advanced Standing Associate Program (ASAP) allows high school juniors or rising seniors to earn one year’s worth of college credit for free— a scholarship value of around $17,000. After graduating from high school, ASAP participants enroll at BFIT as a sophomore, leaving one year to finish an associates degree— and one year closer to earning in high-demand technical career. 

The Early Access to College program allows you to take classes at BFIT that will earn you college credit and may also count toward your high school diploma (see if your high school is one of our partner institutions). You can use EAC classes to explore different courses, to improve study and academic skills in preparation for college, and to learn more about potential career paths. Unlike the ASAP program, EAC doesn’t commit you to a specific major or degree program, but students who complete EAC can enroll in a BFIT program, saving time and money with the credit they’ve earned. 

Both programs offer all the benefits of a BFIT education: hands-on, career-focused classes, individual attention from faculty and success coaches, industry-leading career placement, and a choice of college-to-career pathways that will prepare you to start earning in your field after graduation.

Still not sure which high school program is right for you? Get in touch and a member of our admissions staff can help you decide.

Eligibility and Deadlines

Enrollment in the ASAP and EAC programs is open to high school juniors and seniors. If you are currently a high school sophomore or rising junior, we encourage you to talk to a member of the admissions team and submit your application.

Applicants to both high school programs must take the appropriate placement test for their program. Please check back on this page for placement test dates, or contact a member of the admissions team for scheduling information.

Meet our Team

Yasmine Julmisse

Yasmine Julmisse, Assistant Director of BPS Partnerships and Community Outreach

Yasmine is originally from West Palm Beach, Florida. Her role with the college is to be the primary contact person for recruitment and mentorship of Early Access to College (EAC), BFIT’s dual enrollment program. Yasmine attended Suffolk University and received her  Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism. She has extensive experience with youth outreach and mentoring. Following a brief assignment as a Morning Show reporter for New England Cable News, she worked at the Mildred Avenue Community Center advising and teaching students, and organizing their summer showcases. She also serves as a mentor to inner-city students at the Urban Youth Project in Dorchester, MA. 

Contact: Email - yjulmisse@bfit.edu
Phone: (617) 206-6123 ext. 6123


Lara Tavares, MA, Assistant Director BPS Partnerships and Community Outreach

Lara works with Boston Public Schools to recruit students for the Early Access to College dual enrollment program at BFIT. Lara is originally from the Cape Verdean Islands. She graduated from Jeremiah E. Burke High School, and completed the Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program at Brandeis University where she later earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education Studies and Sociology with a minor in Social Justice and Social Policy. She also earned her Master of Arts in Higher Education with a minor in Student Affairs from Boston College. Lara is passionate for empowering urban youth by advocating for their college access.

Contact: Email: ltavares@bfit.edu
Phone: 857-286-6098