Withdrawals and Refunds Policy - Benjamin Franklin Institute Of Technology

Withdrawals and Refunds Policy

Students who find it necessary to withdraw completely from the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology must file an Official Withdrawal Form with the Dean of Academic Affairs Office. Absence from class is not the same as official withdrawal and does not reduce a student's financial obligation and may result in a final grade being recorded.

Upon receipt of the Official Withdrawal Form from the Dean of Academic Affairs Office, BFIT’s Student Accounts Office may make a partial tuition refund. The date on which such notice is received will be considered the effective date of withdrawal. Students failing to file an Official Withdrawal Form will be provided a refund consistent with Federal Regulations.

Title IV Financial Aid Recipients

Federal regulations provide that students who are receiving federal student aid, and withdraw prior to completing 60% of the Semester, will have up to 100% of their Federal Title IV financial aid awards returned to the issuing agency. If withdrawal is past the 60% point of the Semester, the student will earn 100% of all financial aid.

Tuition and Fees are refunded according to the following schedule:

 Withdrawal Notice Received by the Registrar's Office
 Tuition and Fees Refunded At
 During the first week of classes  100%
 During the second week of classes
 During the third week of classes
 During the fourth week of classes
 During the fifth week of classes
 During the sixth week of classes
  During the seventh week of classes

 During the eighth week of classes
 During the ninth week of classes
 After the ninth week of classes

Credit Balances

Federal regulations require credit balances created by Title IV funds to be refunded within 14 days. Students who want credit balances retained by Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology for the academic year must give written authorization to the Student Accounts Office. Authorization forms can be obtained in the Student Accounts Office during business hours or CLICK HERE (PDF 57KB) to download the form.