Textbook Ordering

Textbook Ordering   

Beginning with the spring 2018 semester, BFIT students can order many required course books through Red Shelf, an online service that gives you access to electronic versions of your books on all device-- smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. For students who prefer a traditional book, you will still have the option of purchasing books through Amazon or the vendor of your choice. 

We will post a link to the Red Shelf online store as soon as it becomes available in the coming weeks. 

As a reminder, in the Automotive Technology, Electrical Technology (first semester only), Practical Electricity, and HVAC programs, the cost of textbooks are included in your student invoice, and books are distributed the first week of class. Students in these programs do not need to go through Red Shelf or any other vendor to purchase books. In Electrical Technology, students beyond their first semester are responsible for purchasing books.

All math courses use an online text to which students will receive access in the first week of class; the textbook cost is included in your student invoice. You may purchase a traditional version of the math textbook if you wish, but it is not required.

For the course College Composition 1, all students are provided a course packet in the first week of class, the cost of which is included in your student invoice. Again, no books need to be purchased. 

Click here to download a complete required text book list (PDF 70.9KB). Most of these books will be available for purchase on Red Shelf when it becomes available in December. You may also purchase required books on Amazon-- however, if you choose to purchase through Amazon, please be sure to double check the ISBN number on the list with the number of the book you are purchasing. This will ensure you are buying the correct edition of the book.