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The Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, in keeping with its mission to educate students in technology that will allow them to build careers that are fulfilling both financially and professionally, is very excited to offer a two-year Associate in Science Degree (A.S.) in Opticianry. The Opticianry program is fully supported by the Opticians Association of Massachusetts. It is nationally recognized and the only program of its kind in Massachusetts, and one of only a few in all of New England.

The Opticianry program serves as the educational gateway for students of all ages, including adult learners and apprentice opticians. With a vibrant optical industry and continued need for qualified eye care professionals, there exists a tremendous opportunity for technically skilled and highly knowledgeable opticians. The optical industry is experiencing tremendous growth, as well as expanded regulations and increasing requirements for becoming a licensed optician in Massachusetts. The curriculum is designed to prepare the graduate to meet both the requirements for licensing in all states, including national and local certification exams and practical tests, as well as for entry into the profession of opticianry itself.

Upon graduation, the student will be well versed and knowledgeable in all facets of opticianry, including spectacle design, fitting and dispensing, contact lens design and fitting, prescription and non-prescription fabrication and manufacturing, and special application optics. The optical profession itself offers great diversity and versatility. Graduates will be able to work in many different environments ranging from HMO/medical offices to retail/ high fashion optical boutiques, corporate and chain optical conglomerates to independent ownership. Graduates will be well versed in all aspects of optics as it relates to opticianry. Graduates will be qualified for positions involving spectacle design and dispensing, contact lens design and dispensing, optical laboratory finishing and management, optical business management or independent ownership. Many graduates of the opticianry program seek advanced degrees and/or certification related to business, management, ophthalmic technology and health care management


The two-year curriculum is comprehensive in design and has been modeled after opticianry accredited programs from across the country. As a member of the National Federation of Opticianry Schools (NFOS), the comprehensive curriculum is reviewed each year at the annual meeting.


The college facilities include three dedicated classrooms for the opticianry program; a spectacle finishing lab, a contact lens fitting and dispensing clinic, and a prototype optical shop. The optical shop is open regular hours during the academic year and is operated by the opticianry students under the direct supervision of a licensed optician in order to serve the eyecare needs of the college community. The finishing lab provides students with the opportunity to learn prescription spectacle fabrication, both as individual work projects and assignments, as well as the capability for conversion to a simulated high capacity wholesale optical laboratory. The contact lens clinic serves as a model “working environment classroom”. The contact lens lab provides the student an opportunity to work with contact lens related devices and instrumentation. In addition, the dispensing and fitting aspects of the laboratory will allow opportunities for contact lens related instruction and actual patient care.