New! Mechanical Engineering Technology (B.S.)

Mechanical Engineering Technology (B.S. Program)


BFIT’s Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) Bachelor’s Degree program was created in response to the growing need for skilled-workers in the manufacturing economy. This newly-designed 4-year-program will prepare you to serve as a bridge between the mechanical engineering technician and the mechanical engineer. Through a hands-on teaching approach, you will develop skills to provide technical support to mechanical engineers in the manufacturing of new and existing products in growing industries. This is the only conventional MET day program in Massachusetts.

Fast Fact: In Massachusetts, manufacturing accounts for about 250,000 jobs with an average salary of $75,000.*

Graduates in this field are often referred to as mechanical engineering technologists. These professionals create sketches, rough layouts, and CAD drawings, record and analyze data, make calculations and estimates, and report their findings to mechanical engineers. Along with mechanical engineering technicians, these technologists help with manufacturing processes on the shop floor, or with development phases in research and development labs before manufacturing takes place.

Through a hands-on teaching approach, you will learn to:

  • Utilize computer aided design principles to produce engineering drawings.

  • Program and operate computer controlled equipment in an industrial environment.

  • Understand manufacturing processes and their uses in industry.

  • Design and build products and equipment for a changing technical environment.

  • Apply mathematics to all aspects of manufacturing.

  • Effectively communicate technical observations, results, and issues.

  • Understand professional, ethical and social responsibilities.

  • Work effectively in a team-oriented and project-focused work environments.

    *Source: Northeastern University's Staying Power II - A Report Card of the State of Manufacturing in Massachusetts.

The bachelor’s degree program requires a total of 137 credits to be earned for graduation. Students earn 71 credits in their first two years, what is now the associate degree program, and 66 in their junior and senior years. Students will take 39 of their 66 upper level credits in Mechanical Engineering Technology courses, which build on the education acquired in their first two years.

The coursework in the upper level courses enable students to move from being a technician to a technologist. As a technologist, you will work more closely with engineers and may also serve in a management role overseeing technicians. Technologists are able to more effectively demonstrate the synergies between quality systems, advanced manufacturing, lean manufacturing, and design and management. 

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What’s the difference between an Associate and Bachelor’s Degree in MET?

While a two-year program prepares you with the technical fundamentals, the four-year program will provide you with more specialized knowledge, along with skills in communication, information literacy, and problem solving. Upper division students also have greater opportunity to explore the link between management, quality systems, and technical production.