Semester Catalog - Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology Semester Catalog

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Automotive Technology

The automotive industry offers exciting and rewarding careers for people who have an interest in diagnosing and repairing mechanical components and computer/electrical circuitry. Additionally, these careers contribute significantly to a cleaner environment and the safety of the general public. This industry is not limited to automobiles, as it covers a broad spectrum that includes marine, heavy-duty trucks,  off-road equipment, recreational vehicles and stationary power plants. Graduates of the Automotive Technology program are prepared for employment in the automotive industry as technicians, machinists, unit specialists, emission and performance diagnosticians, department managers, and manufacturer’s representatives.

The College enhances opportunities for employment through close association with dealerships and independent repair facilities throughout Massachusetts. Successful completion of this program provides the student with an Associate of Science degree and the opportunity to continue in the Bachelor of Science program in Automotive Management. The Automotive Department strongly endorses Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification.  All of the Automotive Faculty are ASE Certified, and we encourage our students to take these tests for national certification, as they are ready.


In keeping with the College’s mission, the objectives of this Associate of Science program are to provide a theory-based automotive education, supported by practical experience that meets the College’s history of high academic standards. Additionally, these standards allow graduates to improve themselves personally, economically and socially, and to provide a foundation for lifelong learning. Degree requirements are further supported by general education components, including proficiency in oral and written communication, math, and physics. The majority of this two-year program is devoted to automotive technical specialties, including actual work on live vehicles in the student Automotive Training Center. In addition to the mechanical technologies, the program is complemented by the study of mathematics, physics, humanities, and social sciences. Humanities, social sciences, and English courses comprise part of the curriculum to ensure that the graduates possess broader social visions and effective communication skills.

Special Admission Requirements for Automotive Technology Program

Due to the unique environment of automotive laboratories and repair facilities with regard to the safe operation of machinery, repair equipment, running engines, etc., the following is required of applicants to the Automotive Program:

  • Correctable vision and hearing
  • Ability to stand on one’s feet for long periods
  • Ability to lift 30 pounds

For continuation into the second year of the program involving the Automotive Training Center, students are required to have a valid driver’s license. Students are required to purchase first-year and second-year tool sets.


The Automotive Department maintains laboratories for the study of automotive electricity, internal combustion engines, automatic and manual transmissions, chassis and brakes, hybrid and alternate fuels, engine performance as well as an eleven-bay working laboratory and a Drivability Clinic equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Additionally, the College serves as an MA Certified Emissions Repair Facility.