Course Descriptions - Mechanical Engineering Technology

Mechanical Engineering Technology Department Course Descriptions
2015-2016 College Catalog

ME105 - Cad with SolidWorksTM (3 Credits)
Introduction to the use of CAD systems for the production of engineering drawings through lectures and hands-on laboratory sessions. SolidWorksTM software is used to create basic drawings related to mechanical equipment and machine parts. Modifying existing drawings similar to those produced in mechanical engineering firms. (Offered in the fall and spring)

ME106 - Advanced CAD (3 Credits)
The use of SolidWorksTM to generate complicated 3D Assembly Models.  Extensive projects given to challenge the student and extend their knowledge.  Prerequisite: ME105 (Offered in the spring and summer)

ME110 - Statics (4 Credits)
Study of fundamental concepts and principles governing the equilibrium of rigid bodies under the action of forces. Resolution and addition of forces by graphic and analytical methods, moment of a force, couples, equivalent systems of forces, analysis of trusses and frames, and distributed loads. Also, centroids and centers of gravity, and friction. Prerequisite: MA120 (Offered in the fall)

ME141 - Materials (3 Credits)
The study of metals and non-metals. A basic understanding of crystal structures, heat treating, annealing, cold working and how they affect mechanical properties. stress-strain diagrams, phase diagrams, time temperature transformation diagrams and failure analysis of engineering materials. (Offered in the spring and summer)

ME150 - Introduction to Manufacturing (4 Credits)
Introduction to the basic processes related to machining and cutting engineering materials. Methods of joining both mechanical and welding, brazing, and soldering.  The use of measuring instruments for the production of accurate parts. (Offered in the fall and spring)

ME151 - Manufacturing Processes and CNC Machining (4 Credits)
The study of advanced manufacturing processes such as forging, casting, forming processes, injection molding, thermo forming and composite layups. Programming and operation of CNC equipment including an introduction to Robotics. Prerequisites: ME105, ME150 (Offered in the spring and summer)

ME230 - Manufacturing Business Practices (3 credits)
This course serves as an introduction to manufacturing from a business-person’s perspective. The course deals with issues including supply chain management, operations management, and inventory management.  The linkage between strategy and tactics will be emphasized. Students will learn about the concepts and tools that will help them to manage from the “boardroom” to the “manufacturing floor.” (Offered in the fall)

ME240 - Machine Design with SolidWorksTM (4 Credits)
The study of the fundamentals of machine design using SolidWorksTM. Technical drawings as a method of solving engineering problems with the use of Cosmos as an analytical tool. Prerequisites: ME106, MA120 (Offered in the spring)

ME250 - Advanced Manufacturing and CNC (4 Credits)
Rapid prototyping is covered from concept to completed part.  The use of SolidWorksTM models to generate CNC programs and parts. Prerequisites:  ME106, ME151 (Offered in the spring)

ME252 - Thermodynamics (4 Credits)
First and Second Law of Thermodynamics; thermodynamic properties of substances; reversible and irreversible processes, entropy; thermodynamic processes, power and refrigeration cycles; three modes of heat transfer, conduction, convection and radiation; heat transfer through plain surfaces and fins, in tube flow and in heat exchangers. Prerequisites: MA130, ME141. Co-requisite: ME110 (Offered in the fall)