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  •  EBSCO OMNIFILE FULL-TEXT SELECT -  Excellent database of full-text magazine articles specializing in technology subjects. 
  •  GALE POWERSEARCH – Search multiple gale databases across multiple disciplines at once!  Databases include academic subjects in health science, history, business, technology, science and more.


  • BOSTON GLOBE - Full Text of the Boston Globe from 1980 to Current.
  • NEW YORK TIMES – Full text articles from 1995 to Current.
  • INFOTRAC NEWSSTAND – Full text articles from over 2300 major U.S. regional, national, and local newspapers.


  • BUSINESS COLLECTION - A collection of business and economics resources
  • BUSINESS ECONOMICS AND THEORY - From micro to macro, virtually every business and economics related topic is covered.
  • EDUCATOR'S REFERENCE COMPLETE - Covers multiple levels of education from preschool to college, and every educational specialty -- such as technology, bilingual education, health education, and testing. Also focuses on issues in administration, funding and policy.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES & POLICY - Contains articles addressing such issues as global warming, climate change, alternate energy, environmental policy, going green, recycling, soil, plants, agronomy, and more.
  • GENDER STUDIES COLLECTION - Aims to provide balanced coverage of this significant aspect of our culture, covering such topics as gender studies, family and marital issues, health aspects, and many more.
  • HEALTH REFERENCE CENTER ACADEMIC- Contains wealth of resources to explain the historical and contemporary conditions necessary to understand global issues, conflicts and events.
  • SMALL BUSINESS RESOURCE CENTER - Covers all aspects of starting and operating a business, including accounting, finance, human resources, management, marketing, and more.


  • GLOBAL ISSUES IN CONTEXT- Contains wealth of resources to explain the historical and contemporary conditions necessary to understand global issues, conflicts and events.
  • ISSUES AND CONTROVERSIES - Provides a summary of issues and controversies in today's news, including historical background on the issues and a synopsis of all sides of the debate.
  • TODAY'S SCIENCE - Drawing on major scientific literature in the United States and abroad, topics covered include: health, the environment, technology, life and physical sciences, science and society.
  • SCIENCE IN CONTEXT- features authoritative information and detailed coverage of popular subjects such as earth science and life science, space, technology, mathematics and science history and biography.


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