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Mechanical Engineering Technology Resources



Gale Powersearch
Contains many full-text articles from Mechanical Engineering publications including: Mechanical Engineering, Computers in Mechanical Engineering, and many others.

EBSCO Omnifile Full-Text Select
Also contains many articles from Mechanical Engineering publications, most in full text.



Advances in Engineering Mechanics
In Ebsco eBooks

Mechanical Design
In Ebsco eBooks

Newnes Mechanical Engineer's Pocket Book
In Ebsco eBooks

Available in the Library

Industrial Power Engineering andApplications Handbook. AgrawalK. C.
REF TJ163.9.A47/2001

Illustrated Sourcebook of MechanicalComponents. Robert O. Parmley.
REF TJ243.I44/2000

Machinery's Handbook. Erik Oberg
REF TJ151.M33/2000

Macmillan Encyclopedia of Energy. John Zumerchik.
REF TJ163.28.M33/2001 Vols. 1, 2, and 3



Animated Engines
"Features animated diagrams that explore how various internal combustion and steam engines work." From the website. Created by Matt Keveney.

"A free resource for fluid dynamics and flow engineering." From the website.

JPL Robotics
"Performs research, development, and tests of mobile robots in support of planetary exploration missions and terrestrial applications for NASA and other government agencies." From the website.

History of Robotics
"A brief introduction to the history of robotics." From the website.

Professional Organizations

American Society of Mechanical Engineers
An international professional organization. Sets standards for the profession.

International Geothermal Association
An international organization which encourages research, development and utilization of geothermal resources.

IMS: Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
"IMS is an industry-led, international research and development (R&D) program established to develop the next generation of manufacturing and processing technologies." From the website.

Employment & Job Boards
An employment website that specializes in technical positions.
A conglomerate of newspaper employment listings, employment websites, and professional organizations.
An employment recruiting site. Also contains news on mechanical engineering.
One of the largest job sites on the web, Monster lists almost every type of job, including many technical positions.


AI Magazine
E-Journal in Gale Powersearch: March 1997-Present
Focuses on artificial intelligence and robotics.

E-Journal in Gale Powersearch: July 1990-Present.
Focuses on the manufacturing industry.

Control Engineering
E-Journal in EBSCO: Full Text Select: January 1998-Present.
Focuses on mechanical technology and electrical engineering technology.

Machine Design
E-Journal in Gale Powersearch: January 1984-Present
Published biweekly. Focuses on mechanical technology and various other technologies, including computer, electrical and electronic.

Metalworking Production
E-Journal in Gale Powersearch: April 2000-Present.
Focuses on mechanical technology and recent developments within the field.

Modern Machine Shop
E-Journal in Gale Power Search: January 1989-Present.
Focuses on mechanical technology.

Popular Mechanics
E-Journal in Gale Power Search: January 1998-Present.
Published monthly. Focuses on mechanical and automotive technology.

Tribology and Lubrication Technology
E-Journal in EBSCO: October 2003-Present.
Focuses on lubricants and the lubricant industry.