Health Information Technology



EBSCO Omnifile Full-Text Select
Contains many full-text articles from health care and computer-related publications including: Health Management Technology, Modern Healthcare, Hospitals & Heath Networks, and many others. 

Allied Health Collection
Brings together disease and drug overviews, care plans, anatomy and physiology diagrams with full-text journals and core encyclopedia texts. 

Health Reference Center Academic
Full-text database that provides full-text nursing & allied health journals, plus current and reliable personal health information.


Hacking Healthcare. Fred Trotter and David Uhlman.
In EBSCO eBook collection

Health Information Management Technology : An Applied ApproachNanette B. Sayles.
In EBSCO eBook collection

Introduction to Computer Systems for Health Information Technology. Nanette B. Sayles and Kathy C. Trawick. 
In EBSCO eBook collection.



Free Online Dictionary of Computing
A free, comprehensive, dictionary of computing terms including operating systems, languages, tools, etc.

Information about careers in HIT, best practices and much more.

A great source for current news and trends in computing.

A resource for looking up definitions of computer terms, such as IP address and proxy server. Published by Jupiter Web networks.

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
Responsible for developing web standards, the W3C website contains a wealth of internet information including discussion forums, code implementation information, information on open source software, code validation and tutorials.

Professional Organizations

American Health Information Management Association
"AHIMA is committed to advancing the HIM profession in an increasingly electronic and global environment through leadership in advocacy, education, certification, and lifelong learning." From the website.

Health Information Management Systems Society
"HIMSS is a cause-based, not-for-profit organization focused on better health through information technology (IT)." From the website.

Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity 
The world’s largest professional society representing the clinical documentation sector whose purpose is to set and uphold standards for education and practice in the field of health data capture and documentation that ensure the highest level of accuracy, privacy, and security for the U.S. healthcare system in order to protect public health, increase patient safety, and improve quality of care for healthcare consumers.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -- Computer Society
An international professional society for electrical, electronic and computer engineers.

Employment & Job Boards

Advance Healthcare Jobs
Job board specifically for those looking for health care positions, including technical and IT positions.
An employment website that specializes in technical positions.
A conglomerate of newspaper employment listings, employment websites, and professional organizations.
One of the largest job sites on the web, Monster lists almost every type of job, including many technical positions.


Available Online

Computer Technology Review
E-Journal in Gale Power Search: January 1999-Present.
Focuses on computer technology and recent developments within the computer industry.

Computer Weekly
E-Journal in Gale PowerSearch: January 1990-Present.
Focuses on computer technology and recent developments within the computer industry.

E-Journal in Gale PowerSearch: September 1996-Present.
Focuses on computer technology and recent developments within the computer industry.

Database and Network Journal
E-Journal in Gale PowerSearch: August 2000-March 14, 2012.
Focuses on computer technology and recent developments within the computer industry.

Healthcare Informatics
E-Journal in Gale PowerSearch: June 2007-Present.
Published monthly. Provides news and coverage of technology in the healthcare industry.

Technology Review
E-Journal in Gale PowerSearch: May 1998-Present.
Published monthly. Focuses on several different aspects of technology, including computer technology.

Available in the Library

IEEE Spectrum
In-Library: Last few issues only.
Published monthly. Focuses on recent developments within the computer industry,as well as electrical, electronic, and computer technology.

Maximum PC
In-Library: Last few issues only.
Published monthly. Focuses on new developments within the computer industry and reviews of new products.