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Gale PowerSearch
Contains many full-text articles from Architectural publications including: Architectural Lighting, Architectural Review, Architectural Science Review, Building Design, Residential Architect and many others.

EBSCO OmniFile Full-Text Select
Also contains many articles from architectural publications, most in full text, including: Architectural Digest, Architecture and Design, and Architect's Journal.



The A to Z of Architecture. Palmer, Alison Lee.
In EBSCO eBook collection.

Architect’s Pocket Book. Baden-Powell, Charlotte.
In EBSCO eBook collection.

Encyclopedia of Architectural Technology. Glass, Jacqueline.
REF NA31.G53/2002

A History of Architecture. Kostof, Spiro.
REF NA200.K67/1995

Architecture, Form, Space and Order. Ching, Francis D. K.

Time-Saver Standards For Interior Design and Space Planning. DiChiara, Joseph, Julius Panero, and Martin Zelnick.

Ramsey/Sleeper Architectural graphic standards. American Institute of Architects.
REF TH2031.A48/2000

The Details of Modern Architecture. Ford, Edward R.
REF NA2840.F67/1990

Sustainable Construction

Big and Green: Toward Sustainable Architecture in the 21st Century.

The New Ecological Home: A Complete Guide to Green Building Options. Chiras, Daniel D.

Sustainable Construction: Green Building Design and Delivery. Kibert, Charles J.

Green Building A to Z: Understanding the Language of Green Building. Yudelson, Jerry.


General Websites

The American Institute of Architecture
Information about the field of Architecture in the United States

Digital Archive of American Architecture
Contains nearly 1,500 digitized images of American architecture from 1700 to the present. Created by Boston College.

The Pritzker Prize
The webpage for this prestigious prize in architecture lists winners from 1979 to the present, containing their biographies and images of their works. Past winners have included I. M. Pei, Rem Koolhaus, Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meun.

National Register of Historic Places
Government resource. Contains information on architects by state.

The Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Online
A resource for information on architecture terms.

This site offers information on works of structural engineering, architecture or construction through time, history and from around the world.

Sustainable Architecture Sites

The Sustainable Building Association
Organization that promotes sustainable construction. Website contains news, factsheets, a forum, etc. Otherwise known as the Association for Environment Conscious Building, it has been in existence since 1989.

Green Building News
Contains news, articles and videos on sustainable construction. Created by Bruce Sullivan.

Sustainable Construction
Sustainable construction website for the UK. Includes pdfs of projects.

Websites for Individual Architects

Alvar Aalto
Information about Aalto's life and work.

Le Corbustier
Official web site of the Le Corbustier Foundation. In French and English.

Antonio Gaudi
Information about Gaudi's life and work, at Structurae.de, a database of structures.

Frank O. Gehry
From the Pritzker Prize website, biographical and other information about Gehry.

Julia Morgan
Lists over 60 images of her work. Created by Mary Ann Sullivan.

Andrea Palladio
Contains information on the Italian architect as well as images of his work Created by the Boglewood Corporation.

Ieoh Ming Pei
Contains biographical information on the Pritzker Prize winning, Pei.

Louis H. Sullivan
From the Chicago History Museum, information about Sullivan's life and work.

Christopher Wren
Biography and information about Wren's works, from Britain's National Maritime Museum.

Frank Lloyd Wright
Official Frank Lloyd Wright site. Information about his life and work.

Employment and Job Boards

AIA Career Center
American Institute of Architects job board.

A networking site for architects from a variety of disciplines. Contains job boards, industry trends, blogs, and resources for architects of all types.

Contains job listings and the latest news in the field.

A conglomerate of newspaper employment listings, employment websites, and professional organizations.


Architect (Formerly known as Architecture)
E-Journal in EBSCO: March 2001-Present.
Monthly publication. Mostly focuses on architectural design.

Architectural Review
E-Journal in EBSCO: June 1994-Present.
"Issued monthly, the Architectural Review contains feature articles about people in the industry, buildings and design worldwide."

Architectural Science Review
E-Journal in Gale OneFile: March 2002-Present.
"Building sciences journal from the University of Sydney's School of Architecture, Design Science, and Planning features original papers on building techniques and materials, as well as book reviews."

Building Design & Construction
E-Journal in Gale OneFile: August 1999-Present.
Focuses on recent developments in the field.

Residential Architect
E-Journal in Gale OneFile: June 2002-May 2006.
Covers design, biography of architects, as well as recent developments in the field.