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Department Faculty - Common Core Courses

Jeff Van Dreason

Jeff Van Dreason is the Interim Dean of Academic Affairs of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department. He has an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Emerson College and a B.A. in Communications and Writing from Le Moyne College. Watching his students rise to meet new challenges while discovering new things about themselves in the process is his favorite part of teaching at BFIT.
Contact: 617-588-1312; E-mail; Office: Kendall Building, 4th Floor


James Johanson

James Johanson, is an Associate Professor for the Mathematics and Physics Department and has been at Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology since 2008. He earned his Master's Degree in Mathematics from The University of Colorado at Boulder and his Bachelor's Degree, also in Mathematics, from Ohio University. Professor Johanson has been piloting math courses at BFIT, using a computer-based emporium model and has been enjoying how much this allows him to work with students one-on-one.
Contact: 617.588.1310: E-mail; Office: Kendall Building, 4th Floor

Michael Grigelevich

Michael Grigelevich is an Interim Department Chair and Assistant Professor in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. Prior to joining Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, he received his Masters in English from the University of Connecticut and taught at the University of Connecticut and Johnson and Wales University. Professor Grigelevich also serves as an advisor for the Franklin Honor Society and currently chairs the Faculty Development Committee. He values the variety of experiences and learning styles Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology students bring to his classroom; they inspire him to become a more effective educator. 
Contact: 617-588-1319; E-mailOffice: Kendall Building, 4th Floor

AbraAbra Berkowitz, Assistant Professor in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at BFIT. She received her master’s in Environmental Studies in Israel while teaching college writing to Palestinian, Israeli and Jordanian college students. She aims to empower young people to improve the future by advancing their education and engaging politically, as well as through entrepreneurship. Abra enjoys connecting students’ studies in the trades and technology to the arts and social sciences. Office: Kendall Building, 4th Floor; Email:


Catherine Mount

Catherine Mount, currently works as the Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of Physics in the Math/Physics Department teaching courses in both physics and mathematics. She earned a BA in Physics at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, and her MS in Physics from Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. Before joining BFIT, she taught Mathematics, Physics, Electronics, and Fiber Optics in the Northwest and spent time working in semi-conductor manufacturing using laser technology in thin film fabrication.  Professor Mount is currently developing a series of fun activities that demonstrate the powerful concepts in physics using everyday materials.
Contact:617-588-1322; E-mailOffice: Kendall Building, 4th Floor

Steve Lawrence

Steven J. Lawrence is an Associate Professor at BFIT and has received his Masters in Learning, Teaching and Educational Transformation from the University of Massachusetts, Boston and his B.A. in Theatre Arts from Salem State University. Prior to teaching at BFIT, Professor Lawrence taught English, Journalism and Music in a variety of teaching environments, including the Boston Public Schools, the JVS Adult Diploma Program, the Trinity Education for Excellence Program (TEEP), and El Centro de Cardenal. He currently tutors students with learning disabilities in his own time and serves on the Board of Directors for ESAC Boston, a non-profit organization which funds and operates Boston's GED Plus Program.
617-588-1375; E-mailOffice: Kendall Building, 4th Floor 

Todd Natti

Todd Natti, Assistant Professor has been a member of the BFIT faculty since January 2014. He earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College, an MA in Creative and Critical Writing from the University of Sussex in Brighton, England, and a BA in English and Comparative Literature from the University at Buffalo. Professor Natti has previously taught at Emerson College, Rutgers University, and Finger Lakes Community College. A native of Western New York, in his current role he enjoys helping his students develop their voices as writers and working with members of the BFIT community.
Contact: 617-588-1291; E-mail; Office: Kendall Building, 4th Floor