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Biomedical Engineering Technology

Associate of Science (AS) in Biomedical Engineering Technology

Biomedical Engineering Technology appeals to students desiring to be technical, and, at the same time, devote their careers to saving lives by helping doctors, nurses and patients. Graduates become biomedical technicians who maintain, repair, and calibrate the electronic medical instruments used in healthcare. To advance in these careers, it is also important to develop skills in communicating problems, ideas and solutions to other employees. 

This program will develop troubleshooting skills in analog circuits, digital circuits, and processors. In addition, students must learn physiology, medical terminology and the operation of medical instruments such as EKG instruments, defibrillators, and incubators.

In the workforce, graduates are typically employed by hospitals or a subcontractor for a hospital. Some graduates are employed by manufacturers of medical instruments or medical devices, or as field support technicians, after earning experience in the field. 

Although this program’s primary objective is for students to enter the workforce after two years, some graduates choose to continue their education and are accepted into Electronic Engineering Technology bachelor degree programs, pursue a degree in business, or continue their education in clinical programs. However, students intending to continue full-time education toward a bachelor’s degree in engineering technology are encouraged to consider the Electronic Engineering Technology Program.  

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