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Computers have revolutionized the ways in which we store, share, and access information, and the speed at which technological advances have made price/performance improvements in this field is unparalleled. Arguably, no other technology has developed as quickly and as cost-effectively as computer technology. Most people nowadays can’t imagine their world without it. Computers and those professionals that maintain, troubleshoot, program, administer, network, and build them are central to most every industry.

Jobs in Information Technology are the fastest growing with a projected 23% increase in opportunities by 2018. According to a report by Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce, career opportunities for network and computer system administrators will grow by 23%. A remarkable 53% growth is projected for network systems and data communications analysts. Jobs for database administrators will increase by 20% and for computer support specialists, by 14%.

Computers can be understood in 4 areas: hardware (a focus on the basic electronic building blocks), management (administration of databases or networked computers), maintenance (diagnosis and repair of personal computers) and software (the programming and computer science needed to control the hardware). The programs we offer focus on all 4 of these areas with emphasis on skills to:

  • Install, maintain, upgrade and manage server and network systems

  • Analyze, troubleshoot, and solve computer hardware and software problems

  • Design and develop websites using contemporary web design software

  • Troubleshoot Analog Circuits, Digital Circuits, and Processers 

  • Manage, plan, design, and monitor data sets and databases 

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