Programs - Building Technology

Associate of Science in Building Technology & Design

This program enables its graduates to become skilled and knowledgeable contributors to the architectural/engineering, construction or facilities operations and maintenance fields. Students will be able to understand and produce a set of construction documents for buildings, residences, and other structures. Graduates of this program qualify for employment as entry level CAD/BIM drafter/designer and technician level work in architecture, engineering, construction, facilities departments, manufacturing, and fabrications. The program also prepares students for further academic study in architecture, building construction, construction management, and facilities management.

This comprehensive program provides students with a thorough introductions to the fundamental skills and core competencies of building technology and design, including familiarization with up-to-date architectural office practices including computer-aided drawing and design, building information modeling, green building standards, and integrated project delivery. Studio work allows students to explore design design through various architectural projects and 3D model making. A general foundation education is provided with the inclusion of courses in physics, mathematics, English, technical writing, humanities, and technical electives. Students use drafting and computer-aided-drawing labs for hands-on training in the Building Technology and Design field. In the drafting lab, students learn hands-on drafting and 3-D model-making, while in the computer-aided-drawing labs, students learn how to construct computer generated drawings in 2D and 3D formats using industry standard software. Desktop printers and a large scale plotter allow students to display their drawings in various viewable formats.

Associate of Science in Construction Management

For a construction enterprise to succeed in delivering a facility on schedule and within budget, it must use techniques and technologies to overcome management challenges. A construction manager accomplishes this delivery while working on a team with diverse interests. Graduates of the Construction Management (CM) Associate of Science program will be prepared with knowledge and skills in estimating, scheduling, and construction of facilities to assist these teams in completing projects.

The scale and scope of this work has expanded to include the approach known as integrated project delivery. This method has increased the responsibility of construction managers to become part of the project delivery team at the outset of the project, and no immediately prior to construction as was once common practice. This increased exposure early in the process requires a management team that has knowledge of design, construction and facility management. Thus, tasks once carried out by other agents working on project have now become part of the role of construction management technicians with knowledge of green building practices, building information modeling, scheduling, and estimating. Graduates of the CM program would be ready to go directly to work.

The CM program provides graduates with a background of technical and organizational skills that apply to construction projects from conception to completion. CM majors study the skills necessary to manage resources, time, cost and quality, with emphasis on team building. Students will also refine their ability to communicate, establish a foundation in math and science, and develop analytical and informational skills. Experiential components of this program will enhance job-readiness. Through an industry partnership with Construction Mentor Group, students had the opportunity to get hands-on experience through a 3-phased mentoring program while on site visits of construction projects.