Building Technology and Design

Building Technology

The Building Technology department houses programs in Building Technology & Design and Construction Management. These Associate in Science degree programs provide an in-depth introduction to building technology and architectural concepts and skills pertaining to the design and construction of facilities, preparing students for careers in architecture, construction management, building technologies, and facilities management.

Employment opportunities include entry-level CAD/BIM drafter/designer and technician level work in architecture, engineering, construction, facilities departments, manufacturing, fabrication, and positions as construction managers. The department also prepares students for further academic study in architecture, facilities management and construction management.

Building Technology Job Outlook

Some BFIT graduates decide to pursue Bachelor's degrees at other colleges or universities including Boston Architectural College (BAC) and Wentworth Institute of Technology’s (WIT) Facility Management Program. Courses passed at BFIT with a grade of C or better are generally fully transferable to BAC, while courses are transferrable to WIT, as long as the transferring BFIT student earns a GPA of at least 2.5. For more information, please consult with your instructor or Student Success counselor. 

Through a hands-on approach from a dedicated staff, you will learn to:

  • Draw plans, elevations, sections and isometric views of 3-dimensional objects

  • Produce a set of construction documents for buildings, residences, and other structures using AutoCAD and Revit (BIM) computer programs

  • Create and view 3-dimensional drawings and render 3-dimensional structures in a scene

  • Calculate heating and cooling loads in buildings, evaluate site drainage calculate water demand and electrical loads

  • Apply knowledge in planning, budgeting, and scheduling of labor, materials and equipment

  • Estimate job costs and requirements for construction projects.

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