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Disability Support Services - Academic Success

Disability Support Services

Students with disabilities are eligible for reasonable accommodations under various federal and state laws. The Learning Specialist, located inside the Academic Success Center, Room 110A, is available to meet with students who possess additional learning needs and/or want to request accommodations.   

Students seeking accommodations should provide valid documentation of a disability and/or recommended accommodations to the Learning Specialist.  Together, the student and the Learning Specialist will determine the accommodations the college is able to provide based on the nature of the disability.  All information regarding disabilities is treated confidentially. 

Differences Between Disability Supports in High School vs. College

In the United States, education from Kindergarten through Grade 12 follows the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which requires free appropriate public education to all. After high school, the Americans with Disabilities Act & Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA) serves as a legal guide for educational institutions in order to provide access to interested students. Students must meet the criteria of postsecondary institutions in which they are interested and will be evaluated against the same course objectives as other students. Students are expected to become their own best advocate; if they require assistance, it is up to them to disclose their need to the Assistant Director of Student Success and work with her to determine an appropriate accommodation plan.

 The school must identify and serve.
The students must identify themselves.
 Done by a multidisciplinary team.
Documentation from a licensed professional is usually necessary.
 Most services provided.
Services beyond reasonable accommodations may come with additional costs, or outside of the institution.
 Individual Education Program (IEP)
A letter from the Assistant Director of Advising (disability services coordinator)
describing accommodations is given to college faculty by the student.
 Students are served with non-disabled students peers as much as possible.
No "special education" in college. Course work requirements are the same for all.
The difference is that students with disabilities may make use of appropriate academic
accommodations in order to complete the requirements.
 Average 6 hours per day/180 days per academic year.
 12-15 hours per week, 2 semesters, 15 weeks per semester.
 1-2 hours/day
 2 hours of study for 1 hour of class



For any questions about Disability Support Services, or to schedule a meeting, please contact Sally Heckel, Learning Specialist at 617-588-1378 or EMAIL SALLY