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Meet the President

Meet the President

Anthony Benoit was named as Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology’s (BFIT) 12th President in 2014. Prior to this appointment, Benoit served as Interim President and as Dean of Academics at the college.

Under Benoit’s leadership, BFIT has added seven new technology programs, expanded its student support and career services, and created an accelerated degree program for high school students, all while not raising tuition for the past four years. Benoit is passionate about providing pathways through affordable higher education to high-paying jobs for the young people of Boston, particularly those who may not have many other opportunities. Benoit is expanding the role of the college as a catalyst for economic and community prosperity by preparing urban youth to fill 21st century jobs and reduce the shortage of middle-skilled workers.

President Benoit was named to Governor Baker’s taskforce on Economic Opportunity for Populations Facing Chronically High Rates of Unemployment.  He is a member of the Community Advisory Group for the Lewis Family Foundation, a member of the Mass High Tech Council, and a Board member of the Massachusetts Business Roundtable.

Before joining BFIT, Benoit served as division director for technology programs and professor of environmental technology at Three Rivers Community College in Connecticut. There, he established an associate degree program to meet demand for environmental technicians and created a technology learning community funded by the National Science Foundation that improved recruitment, retention, and placement of at-risk young people.

Benoit also served as state-wide director of a Department of Labor funded program spanning six colleges that improved workforce development in advanced manufacturing and related technologies. In addition to 20-plus years of experience in higher education, Benoit also has more than a decade of experience in private industry. For 17 years, he ran an environmental laboratory and consulting firm that supported businesses, individuals and water companies in public health and regulatory compliance.


Benoit has a B.S. in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale, an M.A. in Psychology from Connecticut College, and an MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of Connecticut.


He lives in Dorchester with his wife, Laura, and dog, Skyler.