Student Information


Student FYE Orientation will be held on September 4th and 5th 2014

What do I need to do before FYE?

  1. Pay your $100.00 deposit in full. Students who do not pay their deposit will not receive a class schedule on their first day of classes until payment is complete.
  2. Complete your registration process. This may be slightly different for each student so be sure to touch base with your Admissions Counselor for details. A few items everyone will need to have completed include:
    • Submitting your high school transcript
    • Finalizing your immunization records
    • Taking your placement tests

What will happen at FYE?

During FYE student will have the chance to meet faculty, staff, returning and other new students. There will be various social opportunities to get to know your peers, entertainment, and valuable presentations to help prepare you for the year ahead as a new college student. You will also have the opportunity to do a little “housekeeping” which will include getting your student ID, finalizing financial aid paperwork, or even ordering/picking up textbooks.

Why is it important to meet my Advisor at FYE?

Your advisor will serve in that role for your first and possibly second year at BFIT. Your advisor will be your top resource for getting acclimated to campus, adjusting to college life, receiving referral to other campus resources, and continually plotting your academic career. It is important that you stay in touch with your advisor regularly to build a solid relationship. The best, most helpful advising relationships are those when advisors know you and you know them! FYI is a great opportunity to start building this relationship and planning how you intend to communicate.

Will I get my academic course schedule at FYE?

FYI is largely about getting acclimated to BFIT and learning how to navigate this new place. Your schedule will be automatically generated for you and ready for pick up the first day of classes; each semester we hold a required check-in in the main lobby of the Union building. If you have any questions about your schedule you can ask at that time. It is important to remember that course work here is very regimented and sequential; most schedules within a major will look very similar so we prefer to spend the time at FYE focusing on other important topics.

What do I need to do before the first day of classes?

Order your textbooks

It is also very important to come to your first day of classes fully prepared. In addition to textbooks, you will want to have notebooks, pencils, pens, flash drives, and any other materials required for your classes. The BFIT Kite and Key College Store will also be well stocked with supplies should you need something once here on campus.

STUDENTS: Register for Fall FYE HERE